Cotton is a natural fibre that is breathable and soft.  Cotton comes from a cotton plant.  It is also very durable and absorbs very well which can be great when we get a hot head. Soft, light and breathable, cotton is often associated with quality clothing, and can be found in many wardrobe staples, such as jeans and t-shirts. Compared to other common clothing fibres such as synthetic polyester, semi-synthetic rayon and bamboo, cotton has the advantage of being a completely natural product, that doesn’t require an intensive chemical process in order to be transformed into a fabric. We make our scarf hat caps out of cotton in a medium weight so that it is warm in the winter  and not to hot in the summer. 


Bamboo fabric emerges as a natural marvel, catering to the unique needs of cancer patients seeking comfort in their head coverings. Renowned for its breathability and softness, bamboo fabric stands out as a gentle option for chemo headwear. Derived from the resilient bamboo plant, this fabric offers exceptional durability and absorption, making it an ideal choice for managing hot flashes during treatment. Unlike synthetic alternatives, such as polyester or semi-synthetics like rayon, bamboo is a pure, eco-friendly material that requires minimal chemical processing. Our scarf hat caps, crafted from medium-weight bamboo fabric, ensure warmth in winter and a cool, soothing feel in summer, providing year-round comfort for those in search of chemo hats.

Merino Wool

We incorporate wool into many of our hats, making them ideal cancer headwear options for patients seeking eco-friendly and comfortable solutions. Unlike synthetic materials, wool is biodegradable, ensuring sustainability in our products. Its natural insulating and breathable properties make it perfect for managing body temperature fluctuations during treatment. Our wool hats are designed to be non-scratchy and super soft, ensuring comfort for sensitive scalps. With wool's resistance to staining and ease of care, our hats are both practical and luxurious for chemo headwear needs. From breathability in summer to warmth in winter, wool proves to be the perfect fabric for cancer hats.

Lycra & Spandex

Don't be alarmed if you notice that some of our hats contain lycra or spandex. We incorporate only a minimal amount, up to 5%, to ensure the fabric retains its shape without compromising breathability. This small addition does not affect the primarily natural fibers in the hat, ensuring comfort for cancer patients in need of head coverings.

While lycra and spandex are not the only fabrics we use, we also offer scarves made from super soft polyester chiffon and silk, as well as blended fabrics. We're transparent about the materials we use, and our team is always available to assist with any questions you may have