Steps to Claiming your free hats with Kaus

1. Confirming Details & Forms

Firstly we need to check your documents and details with Te Whatu Ora (Ministry Of Health) to check your subsidy value that you have available to you. 

Secondly, we require two pieces of paper from you:

  • The Ministry of Health Hair Loss Subsidy Claim Form signed and filled in by you. You can download and print this out Here.
  • A Medical Certificate signed from your doctor/nurse – sometimes this has a sticker on it. 

We require that these are scanned/emailed to us. These need to be clear and show all the details on the forms that you have personally filled in and signed.

When filling out the form - please ensure to add the appropriate amount of shipping included in the final amount we are using for the subsidy, otherwise you will need to resend this.

Please email these filled in forms and your permission for me to check your subsidy balance to

Any subsequent orders will not be processed until the initial claim is processed by the MOH which is 20 working days.

2. Add Hats to Cart

Add your hats to the cart or you can email me directly and send me a list of the hats you are after.  We have provided a non payment option which allows you to save your hats until we receive your documents.  Please select the Bank Deposit & MOH payment option.

Once the two above processes are done we will send you your hats – easy peasy.

Please email me here should you have any other questions.

For more information on the Wigs and Hairpiece Subsidy, visit here.