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We use secure payment options with Shopify for all our purchasing. If you do not have a credit card and wish to direct credit or use internet banking straight into our bank account (sorry only for New Zealand customers), please contact us and we can send you an invoice. This is most like using TradeMe, once you have deposited the amount the order is purchased for, into our account, we will send the goods, easy as that!.

We are also Ministry of Health approved. Please see under our page Ministry of Health This will give you $408.80 towards purchasing hats with us and other providers.


We have now decided to be a bit more eco friendly and will be saving the trees by no longer printing invoices. We will send them via email instead.


All of our hats are lovingly designed in New Zealand with love and effort. We try to make most of our lovely hats in NZ but some of them are made in China.  We only do short runs of each fabric to ensure that we keep up to date with trends and to ensure not too many people have the same hat as you! Our hats are mainly one size fits most, unless specified, but we can do one offs to your measurements if you require. We love working to your needs!

The Fits of our Cancer Hats

We at Kaus have had a lot of experience over the years in the fashion industry and we know that fit is impeccable to something looking great.  When a hat is sewn it needs to be sewn properly so that not even a 1cm is taken off the hat otherwise this can create the fit to be too small or too big if too much is left on it.  Variations are much more noticeable on a hat so we have perfected our patterns to ensure that these work and if the hat is a little smaller or bigger than average – we make sure we state this in our fit size for transparency.

We personally design and make 80% of the hats ourselves or with skilled people who we make sure have the art down to sew our beautiful hats.  We ensure the quality is up to standard and we ensure that the threads are not going to pop and will stay stretchy.

Most of hats we have designed to have built in stretch or the ability to stretch if they are woven.  This allows them to fit most sized heads.  Most women have an average size head ranging from around 53cm-55cm.  If it states that it will fit most, this means it will stretch and can fit most heads even outside the range above.  But if we think the hat specifically will only fit a certain size head, we will state this to ensure you can choose a different purchase.

Caring for your Hats

We at Kaus have made sure that most of our hats are durable and going to last.  Most of our headwear can be handwashed in cold water with a mild detergent.  It is best to use a natural non irritating soap or detergent for this, as detergents or soaps with the nasties in them can be irritating to your skin as it becomes sensitive to the chemotherapy.

If the hat has sequins or is embellished, take extra care when hand-washing as sequins or beads could fall off easily if washed to vigorously.

You can lightly steam the hats if you need to get a wrinkle out of them but these are usually stretched out when put on the head.

Scarves can be ironed with a light to moderate heat ensuring not to burn these as this can happen easily if the iron gets too hot.  If you have a few hairs or dust on your hat – this can easily be removed with a lint roller or some tape wrapped around your fingers to get this off.

Look after your hat and you will be able to wear this for a long time.

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