This trendy sunhat is made from a textured cotton. It is the perfect hat for us ladies shading from the sun, in that it covers over your whole face and down the neck. If thats a little too much coverage, you can fold back the brim or tilt higher on the head for more visibility. It has two small ribbons on the inside brim so it can be tightened slightly if need be. It also has a detachable chin strap that can be used to hold the hat down if its windy. You can also tie a ribbon around the hat for extra style factor. Can also be worn back with your wig.

This is the perfect foldable outdoor hat to wear when your skin is sensitive after chemotherapy and needs to be shaded from the sun - and oh for gardening!

This is a natural cotton and comes with the black and gold lurex ribbon (removable).

A great piece for Summer!

Size: Would fit a 55cm head and under

Lovingly Designed in New Zealand, Made in China

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