Get To Know Me


I thought I would write you all a little blurb about myself in which you can get to know me a little better, and my journey in life and my career path.


So I started out on my career path wanting to be a musician from a young age at primary school. I had learnt the Flute and proceeded to do all my Grades up to Grade 8, teach young children how to play at intermediate and also have been in orchestras and operas etc. This gave me the opportunity to the travel the world. I have been all over the world performing. I wanted originally to become a professional flautist but the year I applied for University there were no places so hence I looked into what else I could do creatively, so I went into Fashion.

Fashion Designer

I have worked in the fashion industry since I went to University at a young age. I did a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and being in this job was an awesome start to Kaus. It taught me how to choose amazing fabrics, pattern make and make sure comfort and style can go together hand in hand. I have worked for some big companies in New Zealand making for the likes of Max, Repertoire and Storm, I have also worked as a Buyer for Shanton and now for Verge as a Designer. I have also worked overseas for some big companies called ASOS, Burberry and River Island to name a few.


When my mum got cancer I took a new approach to life and my wants in general. I decided that life was too short and I wanted to do things now in the moment, when I can. I had always wanted to learn to fly, so I decided to look into this and thus studied part time along with working full time as a designer and looking after Kaus. I have had my license for about 3 years now and finished what is called a PPL (Private Pilots License) which means I can take passengers and go wherever I like in NZ. I am now also a fully rated Aerobatic pilot and am looking forward to my future in this competing at a competition level. This has always been my passion and dream to do this and I love it.


I started Kaus as you know from my mum getting breast cancer and receiving chemotherapy. I have loved every second of my job and business being able to help people and make ladies feel good when they have lost their hair and femininity.

Every day I pinch myself for being so lucky to do what I do, it makes me who I am and a very humble person. I live by the motto “lifes too short” because it makes me live in the moment and appreciate the people and things I have in my life. I feel very lucky and gracious for what I have and the things I have accomplished. I love being a go getter and I am sure there are many more things in my life I have yet to achieve in which I am sooo excited for.

Kerrin Osborne from Kaus Hats doing what she loves, flying a plane.
Kerrin Osborne