One thing I wanted to do when I started my company is donate. Donating helps other cancer patients and charities to help people who are going through a rough time. You may think your dollar doesn’t count, but to some people that dollar can make a difference to their lives, to new research to help cancer, to providing products or care for someone going through cancer.

I decided that I wanted to make it open with my donating so it wasn’t just going to one company and one type of cancer. Eventually I will have a list of lots of different charities that can be donated to, so there is more choice and more help is available to different people.

Donating to hospitals is another thing I like to do. A lot of people are going through a rough time in hospital. They may be lonely when they are having their chemotherapy or be by themselves in their room with no one to talk too and feeling a bit low. So I have quite a few times taken upon myself to make care packages. These packages I make up include product donated from other companies and also a hat. I ask the head charge nurses to give these to the ladies who are struggling the most and need a pick me up in the ward. I like doing this cause I know I am making someone else’s day and also putting a smile on their dial. I feel that this could be done more often to cheer people up as you never know what someone is going through.

I have also got in contact with lots of companies hoping that they would donate samples of their products that I can give to you. I currently have Skinfood – a range of natural skincare which is great. They have supported me from the start when I was just tiny so I am very grateful for them giving me product to pass on. Check them out at

So remember when you buy a hat from Kaus you are also donating to a charity and helping someone else as well as getting a great piece of headwear for yourself.

Kerrin Osborne